How to Get Wonderful and Suitable Wig

This world that we all live in is full of hair. People are no exception to hair. There are women and girls with long beautiful flowing hair, and guys are sometimes no exception when it comes to long hair. There are wigs made up of hair for some of the people who are less fortunate and don’t have any hair. Other folks prefer to go hairless or bald, which certainly takes much less time in the mornings for one to prepare and get them self ready for the day.


rainbow-wig beauty
In most cases a man with a beard is either an athlete or some sort of a hipster. The beard can range from full grown all the way down to a five O’clock shadow, with a scrubby looking beginning. It’s been reported that 84% of athletes have some degree of a beard growing on their faces. This covers all athletes from weight lifters to professional football players. Similar statistics also pertain hipsters, however I don’t have the slightest idea how to convey these numbers in writing to you all here. It was also reported with this same information that most writers don’t have beards. I really wonder just how true that statement is out there in the Hub Pages community.

Hair is literally everywhere. There are even movies called and titled after hair. For instance there’s “wig” followed by what other than “Hairspray”. Cats don’t enjoy hair balls, and another thing is for sure, and that is you certainly don’t want a hair in your soup or food. There’s also nothing more aggravating then when you have a hair stuck on your tongue. Lets not forget that women love their appointments with their hair dressers. I even know a guy who’s name is Harry, and I’m not talking about Clint Eastwood from the “Dirty Harry” movies. If it were not for hair, Sampson would have lived and Rapunzel wouldn’t have found love.


The longer the hair, the better, especially when it comes to women with long beautiful hair. Forgetting about all of the recent shenanigans for a moment, look at Miley Cyrus’ short hair now, compared to her beautiful long hair from the past. Her hair is short by her own choice, and there’s no argument that she’s a much more attractive woman with long hair. Now as far as the misguided spectacle that’s been following her lately, I really don’t know what to say or what’s going on with Miley there. Without splitting any hairs this now concludes my hairy hub, which is really just a hairy situation. My hairy ears are always wide open to any comments, constructive criticism, sarcasm, or suggestions which anyone out there might have for my hairy hub.


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