【L-email Tutorial】How to Style The Seven Deadly Sins Ban Cosplay Wig

The tools we are going to use are:

hot melt glue gun*1, white glues*1, pomade*1, steel comb*1, hair straightener scissors*1.

1.Put the wig on the model.







2.Cut some hair from inner layer, we will use them as hair extensions later, which can make the wig look more natural.






3.Cutting Notice: when you cut, better cut some long hair because we still need them as hair extensions.






4.Make the wig thinned, cut the end of the wig, make it more natural.






5.Choose some longer hair extensions, paint white glues and make it arcd as bang.







6.Choose other hair extensions,totally about 20 pieces.







7.Use hot melt glue to put the hair extensions along the







8.Cut the hair extension again.







9.Use pomade to make the final style.















L-email Wig

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