Keep Your Wig in Good Condition by Daily Taking Care

A human hair wig is more durable and forgiving. Unfortunately it however comes with an unforgiving price tag. Thus, using a synthetic hair wig is more pocket friendly and convenient. The best thing about synthetic wigs is the fact they require minimal care. Synthetic wigs allow you to wear your hair neatly everyday without having to put much effort. This makes them great fashion accessory that actually serve you practically.

However, to make the most of your investment it is necessary to use your wigs gently and sensibly. A good synthetic wig should last you a year provided you wash it carefully per 18-20 wears. Synthetic wigs keep the style memory yet there are certain bad habits that may turn your wigs look retard and worse. Since synthetic hair wigs retain the default style; you only need to shake it gently. This will get it back into the factory built style after every wash. In case you find your wig looks tired, spritz it with a DIY wig conditioner mist.

If your synthetic wig looks way too shiny, sparingly dust cornstarch powder or talcum powder. Work your fingers through it. Long wigs should be stored carefully. Braided, coiled and secured in original packaging. Wear a wig cap to protect your natural hair beneath the wig. Wig cap prevents scalp oil reaching wig thus keeps the wig new wears after wears.

Do not over-expose synthetic wigs to heat. Be very careful whilst working at stoves, BBQ grills and ovens. Do not use regular shampoo & conditioner to clean & hydrate wigs. Do not brush/comb synthetic wigs when they are wet. Do not sleep wearing wigs. Synthetic wigs are economical than human hair wigs. They also last you longer & do not fade. Since everything requires care and maintenance; synthetic hair wigs too require gentle handling. These pointer notes when followed religiously every time you wear a wig you actually add up a wear more to its lifespan.


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