Know Clearly about When to Give Up Your Wigs

Many people are troubled by taking care of their wigs and knowing when it’s time to give up on a wig and toss it, so today we are going to talk about this issue and we hope that it will be useful for everyone love wigs!


After using for a long time, we may want to know if it’s the time to give up a wig, yes, it is a very subjective thing. I tend to discard a wig or donate it when it starts to feel fried and brittle towards the end. The best way to tell is to get a magnifying glass and look at the ends. If the ends are kinked up all over the place, it will be difficult to salvage. You can steam it straight, but that will kill the body and volume.

Another indicator for me, especially on short open capped wigs, is if the permatease begins to fail. This happens about a month in and will make the wig look like it’s deflating. I will try to make a video about how to revitalize the permatease with a virgin toothbrush. It’s easy, though. You just use a comb to separate the tracks on the top of the cap and take the toothbrush to the back of the weft, right near the roots. Gently brush back and forth several times until the permatease becomes fluffy again. It’s pretty easy!


If you are comfortable styling and revitalizing your wigs, you can get a lot more life out of them than if you aren’t. If you can’t put work into salvaging it – or like me – you just don’t have the time, then that’s usually a good sign that the time has come. For a short wig like Bob style wig, the filament failing will be more likely than the fibers themselves failing or by kinking up, which is how synthetics break down and they don’t get split ends.


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