My Hero Academia Himiko Toga Makeup Tutorial

1.Rendering eyes with the earth color eye shadow and deepening the eye tail.







2.Scavening the silkworm frame with brown eye shadow.







3.Painted with green eye shadow, eye makeup can be slightly appear thicker.







4.Please use thinner eyeliner draw at your lower eyeliner.







5.Apply black eyeshadow to halo dyeing the eyeliner.







6.You also require eyebrow pencil. Choose light brown or yellow eyebrow pencil to shape and groom your eyebrows.







7.You need that super heavy rouge (blusher) on your cheeks.







8.Plaster the upper and lower eyelashes.







9.Finally smear the lipstick.














ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)وToga Wig

(•̀∀•́)ノToga Costume

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