Short Pink Ponytail Cosplay Wig

Get this adorable short pink ponytail cosplay wig to dollup yourself. Anya Alstreim cosplay wig is a beautiful U-shaped wig with straight and silky locks. The wig has blunt sidelong bangs and synthetic high temp fibers that gracefully adds the volume to this cute short wig. Anya Alstreim pink ponytail cosplay wig features twisted ponytails that deliver the most pronounced effect at the ends. It falls past by just the position of shoulders and endure a perfect hair style for young girls.

Short Pink Ponytail Cosplay Wig
Anya Alstreim is a major supporting character in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2. Anya is subtly noted as being a beautiful young woman, with a pale complexion, light pink hair tied up in a ponytail that always has thick strands of hair that falls next to her face and that also creates bangs on her forehead, and a rouge-red eyes. She is most often seen wearing a semi-revealing outfit.

Short Pink Ponytail Cosplay Wig
As one of the younger members of the Knights of the Round, she is shown to have a lack of emotion, and has little faith in her memory, so she maintains a log/blog which she frequently updates with pictures she takes with her camera-phone that she never seems to be without.

Short Pink Ponytail Cosplay Wig
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