Six Steps You Should Know About Wig Care

Wig care is a common sense that you must know when using a cosplay wig. If you have protected your wigs very well, then you can not only prolong the life of the wig, but also keep the wig as bright as new, it is also good for the health of the scalp itself. Understand the skills of wig care, you can try various hair style every day.

Wig care steps:

1. When you are not wearing a wig, take it down, follow the original hairstyle and apply it to your hair, then put it on a plastic frame and prepare it for the next use.

2. When cleaning, first shampoo in warm water, stir, then dip the wig into water. Rub as little as you can, because there is no grease in wigs.

3. Gently brush with your fingers along the hairline.

4. Clear the hair with clear water.

5. Put a small amount of hair conditioner into the water and remove the wig for about three minutes.

6. Use a towel to remove moisture and allow it to dry naturally in a ventilated area. This can extend the life of the wig.

Wig care notes:

1. Avoid to approach high temperatures because the wig is not heat resistant.

2. Wigs can not be dyed, if you need to trim can ask the professional stylist to trim the hair.

3. The wig is usually washed about once every 1-2 months. It can be increased according to the frequency of wearing.

4. Cold water or warm water wash, wash with shampoo which you general used is OK, also can be used with ordinary hair conditioner.

5. Wash the wig as far as possible to avoid using high-temperature wind dryer, you can use a dry towel gently dry the excess water on the wig, and then put to ventilated place (Avoid direct sunlight make damage on the wigs).

6. Do not comb immediately after washing. You should wait for dry before combing.

7. Combing with a special comb for wigs (Steel combs or iron combs are better), you should not use plastic combs (Combs without static electricity)! 1 or 2 times a day.

8. Basically, do not use a comb for curls, you can use your fingers instead of comb.

9. If the wig is knotted and combed for a long time, do not pull it hard. Spray the non-oily maintenance fluid on the wig and carefully open it with slowly.

10. Be careful not to use styling agents on the wig, like hair wax, and other hair styling agents. This will make the wig become sticky.

11. Using a non-oily maintenance liquid for wigs, the method of use is also very simple: just put on the wig and gently spray it for a few times, this will make the wig soft and smooth and prevent static electricity, also keep the wig to stay moisturized just like original!

12. The wig can be tied up, but you should avoid tied too high, otherwise your own hair will come out.

13. When you have a long wig, comb it from the bottom up. Make sure to be gentle and patient.

14. There is a small amount of hair loss in the process of dressing, do not worry, this is a normal.

15. Put it in the original packaging when you not use, shake it when you need it again.

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