Tips that you never know of resist annoying dandruff

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Dandruff is the skin of dirt, is the stratum corneum of the epidermis and constantly falling off, is also a result of metabolism, dandruff is of physiological and pathological dandruff dandruff. But excessive dandruff, clogged pores, causing hair weak State, vulnerable to bacterial proliferation and stimulate the skin to produce itching problem. Pathological dandruff is often used to describe the scalp fungus infection due to bacterial infection, levy, or other physical, chemical injuries causing scalp inflammation.

General adult common dry skin flakes, Bran-like, gray and white little phosphine dust powder in hair. Another type of oily dandruff, scalp and hair with greasy sticky feeling of sliding, above the thick crust of varying thickness, the clearing conditions to milk child care are particularly common.

Dandruff effect of Bacillus

Distribution of Sebaceous Gland parts, there’s an organism there dander, spores Yin PITYRO-SPORUMOVALE, a fungus like yeast, normal peaceful coexistence with others, but some people will suddenly lose their resistance to this kind of micro-organisms. Dander bacteria Bacillus will make the sebum secretion strong dandruff.

Scalp cells, like skin, certain metabolic processes. At the bottom of the base after the cell proliferation, launched out mature eventually became lifeless cuticle cuticle peeling. If there is something wrong with this process, make the scalp cell maturation process is incomplete. Is flaking. Such as ageing, malnutrition, acceptance of the chemical treatment of tinea or patients, increased dandruff because of this.

Dandruff, of course there are some other reasons, analysis of the causes can be from the following:

1. no rinse shampoo.

2. using bad shampoo too strong degreasing power.

3. excessive sebum on the scalp. 4. inadequate diet, alcohol consumption, and pungent food. 5. the self-discipline nerve nervous. 6. lack of sleep, fatigue. 7. gastrointestinal disorders, nutritional imbalances, lack of vitamins a, B6, B2. 8. use of bad Salon supplies. 9. endocrine unusual factors. 10. seasonal transition.