Woo! It’s another wig review – who knew right? Haha!

Well, life’s been getting super busy for me, I’m back to juggling school and work everyday hence the really delayed wig review. So let’s just jump straight into it!

I got this wig around the end of July and at that time, I was still not back from my vacation so I wasn’t able to take a look at it or review it until I got back. Instead, I opened it the very next day that I got back to the States. This time, I chose a 80cm long dark purple straight cosplay wig – in hopes of using it for a Yuuki Konno cosplay in the future!

​Here is the stock photo:

L-Email Wig Review

Jumping right in,

Communications (★★★★★)
This time, it was mainly on my part that I did not reply fast enough as I was on vacation but the people over at wig-supplier.com were really nice and helpful. They were patient with my replies and my review (which I’m so grateful for!) Hence, they get full score on this category this time around!

Shipping (★★★★★)
Shipping was really fast too. It arrived a little before the estimated time and arrived at my place before I did! It came within 2 weeks or so? Really quick shipping even without getting the express shipping option!

Packaging (★★★★★)
As before, the wig came in a bag, inside a bag, and inside another bag. So I had three layers to open but it was also placed within a cardboard layer to protect the wig. The wig came out nice and free of tangles! Just a few brushes and it’s good to go! Unfortunately I did not take any photos of this ; Instead, I opened it on a video so check that out too!

Quality (★★★★)
Once again, L-Email wigs did not disappoint me. The wig was gorgeous – it had a really nice color to it, almost identical to the stock image. The wig was thick and had tons of fibers on it. The bangs came in long as usual which is perfectly normal so you can style it to your needs.

Overall (★★★★)
Overall, I was not disappointed by their product and service. They’re definitely a wig company that I would check out and frequent (which I do, a lot !) Their products are amazing and are sold at a really reasonable price too!

Unfortunately, I was not able to take any pictures in this wig (yet) but here’s the video review that I did when opening the package!

Remember to check them out at  www.wig-supplier.com?utm_source=tracking131 !
​They also have a cosplay costume store, Role cosplay: www.rolecosplay.com?utm_source=tracking109 !
If you’re wanting to get the same wig, here’s the link to that: www.wig-supplier.com/80cm-long-dark-purple-straight-cosplay-hair-wig-cw109e-p-2144.html?utm_source=tracking131 !Well then, I’m heading back to studying! See y’all! ^^