LOL – Pool Party Zoe Wig Style Tutorial

The tools we are going to use are:

scissors, steel comb, wax, white glue, hot melt gule.

1. Cut the hair piece from the light blue wig for about 20-30 pieces.








2. Simple pruning. The wig cut off remains for use. If you don’t have enough hair piece, you can cut some more from the bottom of the wig.








3. Coat with white glue.








4. Use the steel comb to uniform the wig in a fixed direction.








5. The bangs are divided into three blocks. Use straight plate clamp to accelerate the drying of white glue to the role of fixed molding.








6. Use hot melt adhesive to reinforce the shape so that it can be erected.








7. Use the white glue to make the dark hair which is cut off into hair piece.
Affixed to hairline.








8. Trim the hairline shape. The part of the bangs can be pinched with wax and looked more comfortable.








9. Along the rose wig cap. Paste the light hair piece which is cut off. About 4-5 layers.








 10. Done! The feeling of gradual change comes out!









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