80cm Long Pink Straight Cosplay Wig

This adorably thick 80cm long pink straight cosplay wig grabs your attention at once. The color is mentioned as pink, kind of hello kitty pink which looks totally sweet. It stays true to its color in all the lighting conditions. The wig is dense and remarkably long. There was no leaking hair, nor did it tangle, and you will be surprisingly for its easy to handle, despite of its 80cm length.

80cm Long Pink Straight Cosplay Wig
When you first time unpacked the wig, you may feel a bit intimidated by this wig, thinking it would be a pain to maintain or comb or style, but it is really easy to maintain since it’s a really good quality wig. With such a pretty wig, you will surely experience absolutely no issues with it!

80cm Long Pink Straight Cosplay Wig
It is also super fabulous for cosplay performances. The wig boasts super straight, silky tresses that are pleasure to run through your fingers. It can bring you the look you want under certain lighting conditions. It is very soft and comfortable. Despite being long it is with good state. Wig has side bangs that are original styled by the factory, you can still have this style or get the look you like. Thus you have the liberty to get either the straight bangs cut through it or angular.
Made of heat resistant material gives an adorable bounce and volume to the wig. Wig comes with 80 cm long that you could tie with a bow to introduce a kawaii touch. This wig is a must addition to your closet as it is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

80cm Long Pink Straight Cosplay Wig
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