Cosplay Makes People Closer

Take a look at some of the impressive cosplay displayed at this year’s AnimeJapan in Tokyo, Japan. Cosplay (Costume play) is a subculture that sees participants role play as a specific character of their choice. Many of the popular characters are sourced from manga, anime, comic books, video games and cartoons, often the cosplayer will take on the body language, clothing and mannerisms of the character.

Cosplay Makes People Closer
A popular thing at comic book and anime conventions everywhere is the art of cosplay. Cosplay is a term for dressing up as a character, from a book, movie, comic or TV show. Some cosplay alone, and some cosplay in groups. Some cosplayers gender bend and some cosplayers create crossovers between their favorite shows. But one thing is for certain; the winter weather couldn’t keep these die-hard fans from dressing up as their favorite characters and making the most of the 2015 con.

Cosplay Makes People Closer
People could be seen walking in the doors and around the campus clad in foam armor, carrying plastic weapons, and wearing their finest tights.

Cosplay Makes People Closer
The boundaries of cosplay have expanded a lot recently. Now it seems someone in a slightly ironic Batman T-shirt can claim they’re a ‘cosplayer’. However, there are still some out there who go to seemingly outrageous lengths to imitate their favorite pop culture icons.

Cosplay Makes People CloserCosplay Makes People Closer

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