Day-to-day care of wigs, extended service life

Now, many people choose fashion Lady wig is in great part to the practical aspects, a poor quality of ladies wigs can be used for one or two months, but a good quality ladies wig 5-8 years or more can be used for a long time, fashion wigs role of consumer huge relevance for impact. “Huge sums” bought wigs used several times already without luster, a mess? It is surely you do not take good care of it, wants to allow the wig to an enduring legacy with a new, wig care is key, the best way is to do fashion wigs for daily care.
Soup we give you explain in detail how to do fashion wig care.
1, the wig should be cleaned in cold water or warm water (water temperature 25-30 ° c) rinse, soak together with a small amount of shampoo for 5-10 minutes.
2, where you want to put a cool air drying, try not to use hair dryer to blow dry.
3, usually when pruning to either have a professional stylist trim finishing haircut.
4, uses slit steel comb combing wigs to prevent static electricity and curls just slightly by hand finishing to, you don’t have to use steel comb comb.
5, usually try not to spray on the Lady wig water gel, shaping agent, because it would allow wig to become sticky greasy, if modeling need small amounts of hair wax available, but it must be cleaned in a timely manner.
6 If the wig knotting, no pull, instead sprayed wig dedicated care of the non-oily liquid and then try to comb.
7, the best wigs take it off before you go to sleep every day.
Wig wearing wearing after a period of time, it is necessary to clean it. For different of wig raw materials, is has different of attention matters of, say chemical fiber silk made cannot with hot water wash, and cannot with hair dryer machine or other tool stereotypes, and not placed in Sun direct of local exposure; and for really made, is available hair dryer machine minor stereotypes, and available made network network live hair, increased fluffy sense; chemical fiber silk and really made mixed made is is available wash clean fine instead of shampoo cleaning.