Get Fun from Cosplay

This is a world where the lines between the real and the surreal are completely blurred.
In what could arguably be the ultimate fantasy holiday in the heart of Bangkok, revellers of the Anime Festival Asia (AFA 2015) are able to indulge in virtually every J-pop dream they can imagine.

Get Fun from Cosplay
AFA is the largest and most followed J-pop culture cosplay event in Southeast Asia, covering Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, with nine festivals taking place across the region in the past six years.

Get Fun from Cosplay
J-Pop Culture lovers across South-East Asia region take the opportunity to spice-up their most favoured pop-culture icons for this ultimate Cosplay event.

Today while crying about not being at Comic-Con, I started to look at a bunch of cosplay photos. More specifically, photos of gals in costume wearing pigtails, at the Big Con. So, I decided to look through dozens and dozens of images, searching for those that included what Ms. Trunchbull despised – pigtails.

Get Fun from Cosplay
All of the photos that you’re about to see are exclusively from Comic-Con 2012, thus far. I know the event isn’t over yet (even though it might as well be, since I’m not there just kidding), but what the hell, cosplay photos are always fun.

Get Fun from Cosplay
Some of these costumes are cute, others a bit wacky, but they’ve all got something in common. See if you can identify them all, check them out.

Get Fun from Cosplay

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