Get!! How to satisfy your YoRHa 2B?

What kind of women can be called Sexy Drug?

Angelina Jolie?


Or Kim Kardashian?


If you ask men players who is the sexiest woman in the world?

They must tell you it is 2B!

White skin, big breast and tight ass! That’s not hot enough!

High Split Dress, chest hollow design,  suspenders, eyeshade, all these sexy elements putting together. 2B has become fantasy of all men players.


Since the release of  Nier: Automata, there are lots of comments about the main characters: 2B, 9S and A2.

There is no doubt that 2B’s exposed butt is the focus in the game.

There is a saying about game Nier: Automata. 100 points for the character setting, 2B’s ass is of top configuration!

Does 2B wear underwear? After getting reply from Official, curious fans have created a lot of wonderful drawings for 2B!

Front, back, side, every angle of 2B is so perfect!






2B tied up!


There is a kind of temptation called 2B!

What? Game and drawing can’t satisfy and stimulate you anymore?

Well, you need to try cosplay! Get your 2B cosplay wigs in L-email!

Nier: Automata 2B Cosplay Wig



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