Houseki no Kuni Phos Makeup Tutorial

Phos Wig

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1. Rendering eyes with the earth color eye shadow and deepening the eye tail.







2. Scavening the silkworm frame with brown eye shadow.







3. Painted with green eye shadow, and again deepening the eye tail.







4. And draing eyeliner.








5. Drawing the lower eyeliner with black eye shadow or eyeliner ointment.







6. Besmear eye bag which likes silkworm with a white pearlescent eye shadow or a silkworm pen







7. Draw eyebrows with a green eyebrow pen







8. It’s more natural to sweep a layer of green eye shadow







9. Smear lash glue








10. Stick the sequins








11. Also stick some sequins at the end of the eye. And be careful not to get into your eyes.







12. Put on a false eyelash: Just apply glue on the ordinary eyelash and stick and sequins.