How to wear a cosplay wig

Have you ever met some problems when wearing cosplay wigs?

Today L-email wig store will talk about how to wear cosplay wigs.

In general, you need following items to wear a cosplay wig: wig cap, hairpin.

Many people don’t like to use the wig cap. Actually, wig cap is very helpful for wearing cosplay wigs.

How to wear a cosplay wig

A good wig cap help you hair from falling out from the wig. It also helps keep your wig on, prevent wig slippery.

Three simple steps to wear a wig cap.

  1. If your hair is quite long, twist it into a ponytail and at the nape of your neck and then flip that ponytail.

How to wear a cosplay wig      2.Pull your wig cap on, Start from the back of your head if you have a lot of hair in a ponytail.

How to wear a cosplay wig    3.Stuff as much of your hair as possible down toward the back of your neck, making sure it’s still contained by the wig cap.

How to wear a cosplay wig

After putting on the wig cap, you can start to wear your cosplay wigs.

  1. Place the wig’s scalp line against your forehead
  2. Slowly stretch the back and sides of your wig down over your wig cap.
  3. Tug the back of the wig down until the front of it sits just below your natural hairline.

After doing these steps, just use hairpins to through the wig, the wig cap and into your hair below.

Last step, fix up the style of your wig until you feel good about how it looks.

How to wear a cosplay wig

Have you got the right steps to wear cosplay wigs?

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How to wear a cosplay wig