This wig from L-email wig is amazing.


I took it for my Snowday Syndra Cosplay. Syndra has exactly this light brown haircolor.

I had to decide, if the color is good for this cosplay or not, when I saw it in the picture of their page, only.

And when it arrived the wig had a similar color than in the picture. It´s dependent in the light so in some parts it looks a bit more golden or a bit lighter but I think this is the same with your real hair and also other wigs.

Because „Snowday Syndra“ has smooth hair I had to smooth the curls out of the wig.

I really loved the wonderful curly curls but I had to „kill“ them.

I took my iron and smoothed them out. It was easy to do and the wig didn´t melt. It´s heat resictant but I didn´t measure the temperature on my iron.

The hair is fluffy and good to brush. Also after a long convention day.

The hairnet is in a brown color so you can´t see it through the hair even the hair slides away when you bend down for example.

There could be more braids inside of the wig but for the price of $10 there are much enough inside and the quality is quiet good.

The shipping happens into 9 days to germany.

There are 2 clips and one brace in the back of the hairnet (part of hairnet which is sitting in your neck) so you can clip it together when the hairnet is to tall for you and push the brace under your real hair- hairline in the neck.

It´s a comfortable wig.

The only uncomfortable in wearing wigs is the tight hairnet which make your head hurt sometimes.