Super Sweet Cosplay Costumes Collections

Cosplay have many kinds of style. You may like cool characters, you may also want to try sweet characters.

Here are some points for girls who want to try sweet roles.

When I think of sweet, I just think of some sweet things, like delicious dessert and candy.


There is no doubt that light color can express sweet feeling much better than dark color.

Color is quite important if you want to try sweet roles. White, pink and yellow is a good choice for beginners.


Sleeping Beauty in the game SINoAlice

For example, this kind of light yellow can make girls look really sweet.

Besides color, sweet elements in the cosplay costume can also add sweet feeling.

The simplest and easiest is lace.

Lace hem design is often used in collar, dress hem.


Such as this dragon maid Tohru costume, you can see beautiful lace in dress hem.


Besides lace, big bowknot can also add a lot sweet feeling.

Bowknots can often be found in waist and top. No matter the bowknot is in the front or back, a good quality one absolutely makes you more lovely.


Super Sonico Wedding Dress

What’s more, slip dress mixed bare back design can make you focus easily. Just show your beautiful back as you want!



There are many lovely roles for us to have a try.

Here are some recommendations for girls.


Anime Hajimete no Gal Yukana Yame


Re: Zero Rem White Outfit


Jeanne d’Arc Cosplay Costume


Eromanga Sensei Izumi Sagiri White Dress

All these super lovely costumes you can find in L-email Wig store.

You can also find the wigs for the character by searching the name in L-email Website.


Hope all of you can get the sweet costumes that fit you!

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