The Way to Keep Your Wig Clean



First of all, wigs are generally don’t need to clean very frequently. cosplay wigs itself is not life and will not easy dity, so what you need to do is hanging up it and spray water to cover, of course, if you wear it every day, wash your wig is understandable. Wash the wig you need to use special conditioner, immerse inside the wig can gently knead, pay attention to the movement wants light, then take it out with a dry towel blot moisture, hanging in a ventilated place dry naturally, can brush after dry.

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Then how to wash your wig clean as well as keep it unhurt? To clean the wig and at the same time to ensure a wig escape from suffering damage, you can according to the regular cleaning steps to operation, specific cleaning wig steps:

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1. Use special comb wig (esd) to comb your wig;
2. Put your wig into soak cold water for 5-10 minutes. Time should not be too long as it will make it easy to fall off;
3. Hand washing without using the washing machine.
4. Choose combined, scrub the of avoid by all means, with the hand gently grasp the hair is ok.
5. Clean with clear water shots, and then with nursing before and after soaking liquid;
6. The water on the wig with dry towel blot, never screwed by hand or by a washing machine to dry;
7. Make it dry by natural air;
8. Ninety percent wig dry, gently with the hand grasp a hair, with a special wig comb the wig comb;
9. To wash good wig, if you don’t need to wear, often also should spray some eruption oil;
10. To be a wig completely dry, maintenance good, washing by the hairnet will load the permeability is good can seal plastic bag;

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Wig cleaning once every 15 ~ 30 day is the best. Before washing, you have to comb the wig smooth, so only when washing won’t appear the phenomenon of mixed staggered, to prevent the occurrence of fracture wig because of excessive pull! At the same time, with a wig before they really wash hair, wig is unlikely to dirty, gently shook the clap. You cannot clean your wig too frequent as it can’t resilience by itself!

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