Top 5 Best Wigs by Category(I)

Top 5 Long Wigs
Long hair symbolizes femininity and never goes out of style – and for good reason. These long, luscious lengths deliver style, versatility and are down-right gorgeous. Channel your inner vixen with’s best long wigs. You can’t go wrong with these lust-worthy lengths!

long wig1


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long wig2

long wig3

long wig4

long wig5
Top 5 Medium human hair Wigs
Medium wig has very thick, long bangs that can be cut and styled many different ways. It’s heat resistant and it holds product like hairspray and hair wax somewhat well. The ends were somewhat flippy, which suited my character, but may be an issue with other characters. It’s also very cheap, at least compared with long wigs.

medium wig1

medium wig2

medium wig3

medium wig4

medium wig5
Top 5 Lace Front Wigs
Want head-turning style with a natural touch? These naturally gorgeous wigs look real, feel real – because they are real! Now you don’t have to fake it anymore. Discover the 5 best human hair wigs has to offer. These luxurious styles are 100% human hair and 100% gorgeous. Plus, you can style them just like your own hair.

Lace front wig1

Lace front wig2

Lace front wig3

Lace front wig4

Lace front wig5

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