Victor Nikiforov’s wig review!
Here we are at last! Our first review for L-email wig is finally here! Today we’ll talk about the amazing custom wig they offer for Victor Nikiforov, from last year’s anime phenomenon Yuri!!! ON ICE.
When approaching the idea of cosplaying a popular character such as Victor, it’s always quite hard to decide upon which wig to buy: online shopping gives us a wide range of products to choose from, and, having just a sample photo as reference, it could be not so easy to judge which one would satisfy our expectations, or the way we intend to portray a character. That’s what cosplayers’ reviews are for! We were really pleased to find out that L-email wig’s item for Viktor was not only economically affordable and high quality, but also incredibly versatile. It came with a wig cap and can be bought in two different colors: light silver and greyish blond. We chose the silver option, favoring a more anime-like rendition to a more realistic one (even though, honestly, the choice revealed to be quite hard.
What I generally think as one of the most important features for a wig, is generally its adaptability. It doesn’t matter if the styling and color are on point and identical to the original, if they don’t fit the cosplayer’s head and cannot be modified to adjust to it: a static wig could lead to an unsatisfactory result. Fortunately, this is not the case: this wig has a great heat-resistant fiber which feels silky to the touch and reacts well to hairspray. It has a shiny glint that doesn’t look fake or plastic-like, but gives the impression of smooth and soft, properly taken care of, real anime hair.
The wig net is adjustable and comfortable to wear: it stretches easily so that it can fit every head size.

This is the best type of net you want to find in a wig!
The wig comes with a neat, fixed parting on the right side of the head – being sewed to stay in place (fabulously so), it’s pretty hard to comb it to the other side, but you won’t need it if you’re thinking about using it for Victor only. We wanted it to be well defined and visible, and the wig’s parting looks great even without proper styling, thick and shiny as we needed it. Moreover, the hairline works pretty well with high foreheads despite not being a lace front. You might need a bit of spirit gum along the borders on the exposed temple and forehead, to give it a more natural look as you wear it. However, the hair is so thick you can easily use leftovers hair form eventual trimmings to create a more professional looking hairline. The bang is quite long, and gives wide freedom of adaptation to different face shapes: on top of that, it comes with a slightly pre-styled gravity defying look. It can be emphasized through proper styling, but it looks good without it too.

The partition and the bangs look good too!
In conclusion, the wig is overall a great product. If you’re looking for a wig to cosplay Victor but can’t decide on which one to buy, this one reveals to be a really valid option: it’s quite affordable, it can help you get to good results even without a throughout styling, but can also satisfy the more experienced wig stylists. You can find it here (among a lot of other cool products!)
We hope our review can help! Stay tuned for the video review and styling! And enjoy being a fabulous ice skating world champion! 😀


Frannie being a faboulous five time world champion ~