For many newbies, cosplay is a challenge full of questions. After finally completing a set of cosplay, how to care for the messy cosplay wig has become a problem. So, we are here to introduce to you a simple and easy-to-understand way for wig care. You only need to repeat the four steps. Even a novice can easily learn how to care for a cosplay wig and store it.


Wig Holder, Scissors, Wig Care Solution, Steel Comb (plastic combs are prone to static electricity).


  • Divide the messy wig into several parts by hand, we need to take care of the messy wig in order from left to right (from right to left is also okay). After dividing the wig, you can use your fingers to comb the wig first, because sometimes there is not a dead knot, you can easily comb the wig.
  • Pick up part of the wig and spray it with the care solution.
  • Start to comb from the ends part of the wig, then the middle part, and finally the top wig You need to take it slowly, and the force should not be too large to avoid breaking the wig.
  • When encountering a hard knot, use scissors to carefully cut off the knot to avoid accidentally hurting other wigs.

If you can get a smooth comb to the end, that means that part of the wig is done. Then you can follow the four steps above, working from right to left or left to right for the next part of the wig.


Once your wig is dry, you can put it away and store it. Although the fiber wigs can withstand a high temperature of 200℃, to better store and prolong the service life, please store the wig in a cool and dry place.


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