L-email team have summarized some solutions to common problems when using wigs, we hope they will be helpful to you! If you are interested, please read below!

Hair Loss

Although wigs are made by machines, they are handmade most of the time. The mechanically made wigs are very strong, but there may be excess wigs mixed in other links, and the excess hair cannot be cleaned even after manual processing many times. Therefore, it is normal to find that there is hair loss after getting the wig. In most cases, it is not a quality problem. The solution is to use your comb, and the hair loss phenomenon will disappear.

Color Difference

Due to the lighting and angle of the shooting scene, color differences cannot be avoided. Our photographer will try to show the true color of the wig. However, because the colors displayed on the computer monitor are different, there will be color differences. Hope everyone can understand.

The wig is too big/small for you?

Normally the products you receive are wigs that have not been styled, and you need to style the wig according to your needs. Before wearing a wig, be sure to bring a hair net to ensure that your hair is evenly and tightly attached to the scalp. If your head circumference is relatively large, you can adjust the elastic adjustment buckle on the wig. If the wig is very warped, you can press it with your hand or blow it with a hair dryer properly.

How to store wigs?

The hair material of the wig can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees, but it is still necessary to avoid long-term stacking and improper storage. So please keep the wig in a dark place with low temperature. And the wig needs to be combed and stored. The best way is to put it on a special wig stand.


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