Cosplay Wigs Complete Your Amazing Cosplay Image

Cosplay Wigs Complete Your Amazing Cosplay Image

By now, cosplay seems to be a inherent part of the European youth culture. The acronym ‘Cosplay’ itself is created out of the english word ‘costume’ and ‘play’. So, in short, cosplay is about dressing up playfully. Often, the elaborate cosplay costumes are modelled after virtual characters taken from japanese manga comics or anime movies. Remarkable examples in this regard are characters from well known series such as Vocaloid, Naruto, Final Fantasy, Bleach or Sailor Moon.

Cosplay Wigs Complete Your Amazing Cosplay Image
Usually, wigs will have little strap things inside the mesh part. These do not go under your chin. They just clip together in the back. They both have little plastic hook things on them. The hook things are attached to the strap by a little loop of fabric on the end. I was a little bit confused with how these hook things worked at first. I thought you had to hook them together.

Really, what you do is you take one plastic hook for your wig and hook it into the little loop of fabric on the other side. Do not attach the hook thingies together. You’ll break them! That was what happened to me. I broke both of my hook thingies by doing that. My wig is too big for my head, so I kinda need the wig straps.

Take a safety pin for your cosplay wig. You need a kinda small one, but not too small or else this will be impossible. Open it and attach it through one of the loop things. This kind of takes practice. While the wig is on your head, open the safety pin without taking it out of the loop. Then, without stabbing your neck, put the pointy end through the loop on the other side.

Cosplay Wigs Complete Your Amazing Cosplay Image
Close the safety pin. If you want, it might be a good idea to take the wig off your head and practice. I’m pretty good at doing this now, but I still almost always poke my finger with the pin. It never really hurts though. Just still, be careful. Practice makes perfect.

Sometimes, you don’t even need the wig straps. The wig just might be the right size for your head. But, like I mentioned earlier, my Rin wig is too big. I also like my wig to feel snug and not like it’s going to fly off.

Cosplay Wigs Complete Your Amazing Cosplay Image

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