How to Choose A Cosplay Wig

For most cosplayers, one of the most appealing features of cosplay is completely changing their appearances. There are many ways to achieve that, wearing a cosplay costume, a cosplay wig, holding cosplay accessories, etc. But the quickest way is to wear a wig, because it can change your appearance and style without costing a lot of time and money.

How to Choose A Cosplay Wig

It is fantastic to have color every color of the rainbow, especially without having to spend time and effort on maintaining it. For most newcomers in cosplay circle, a good wig can add much value to a simple cosplay costume and take the overall appearance to a new level.

How to Choose A Cosplay Wig

This how-to guide is totally for newbie to wigs, but experienced cosplayers may also learn something from it. Just keep an eye on our blog posts to check other informative articles and real cosplay wig reviews!

Why Choose Cosplay Wigs over Your Own Hair

If you are in a cosplay event wearing a costume, wearing a matched cosplay wig is highly recommended. If you have trouble in believing this opinion, please continue reading.

  1. The color and style of your hair is not so easy to change to match the character you want to cosplay. But with a wig, you can change your hair style and color with a small sum of money.
  2. Wigs will stay styled. You only need to style the wig once and it will always be in that For your own hair, you need to re-style, re-dye, or get a haircut every time you wear the costume. It is too time-consuming and annoying to make effort in styling the hair.
  3. Wigs look better. Wigs make a cosplay costume perfect if it is well made according to the cosplay character. No frizz, no oil, no fuss. What’s more, synthetic wigs are usually much thicker than real hair, which helps bring the unrealistic hair expectations from anime characters to real life.

How to Choose A Cosplay Wig

Cosplay Wig Terminology

You need to learn some cosplay wig terminology before purchasing a wig, because it can make your decision wiser and help you purchase what you want. A wig is made of wefts of fiber sewn together into a mesh cap. A weft is basically a long strand of wig fiber sewn into a strip. You can add wefts into a wig to make it thicker or use them to create certain styles.

A skin top is used on some wigs to create a more natural-looking look for the fibers. A wig may have a skin top at the crown of the head or off to one side or the other. This affects the direction the fibers lay in, so if you have a character with a side part, try to get a wig with a skin top on the correct side.

Some types of wig fiber are heat-resistant, meaning you can use heat tools to style them, while others will melt or frizz. Generally, if a wig seller doesn’t specify the fiber type or if it is heat-resistant, it isn’t, so take caution when purchasing.

How to Choose A Cosplay Wig

How to Choose A Cosplay Wig

When it comes to the stage of how to choose a cosplay wig, I consider cost, accuracy, and effort when choosing which wig to buy. There are many basic wig styles available in the market and do not require much modification. If you are looking for a wig for a cosplay character with normal-looking hair, it is very easy to find the right wig. Just choose the similar wig style compared to the character, such as short wig, long wig, curl wig, straight wig, etc.

How to Choose A Cosplay Wig

There are also many different types of wigs, such as standard wigs, lacefront wigs, specialty wigs, etc. You can check our former blog post for more details:

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From L’email online wig store, you can easily find fashion wigs and anime cosplay wigs with cheap prices. Anime cosplay wigs are made according to the anime characters in the famous anime, so that you can simply search the names of anime roles or anime itself to find the cosplay wig you want. On the other hand, you can find the fashion wigs according to different categories, including short wigs, long wigs, curl wigs, Lolita wigs, black wigs, blue wigs, etc.





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