How to choose a wig by your face shape

A good wig can surely update your image. Sometimes difference between passer-by and beauty is a wig.

How to choose your ideal wig is quite important.

First, you need to know your face shape. Different face shapes look good on different kinds of wigs.

Following picture will help you know your face shape easily.


We divide face shape into six kinds.

Oval Face

Typical representative: Crystal Liu


Forehead, cheekbone almost the same width
Jaw width is smaller than cheekbone width
Prominent cheekbones

Long Face

Typical representative: Carrie(sex and the city)


Forehead, cheekbone,jaw almost the same width
Elongated feature from forehead to chin
Some have prominent chin

Round Face

Typical representative: Miranda Kerr


Face width and length almost the same
Widest at the cheeks

Square Face

Typical representative: Angelina Jolie


Forehead, cheekbones and jawline almost the same width
Square and bony jawline is prominent feature

Heart Face

Typical representative: Bingbing Fan


Wider forehead
Chin tend to be pointy
Forehead maybe a prominent feature

Diamond Face

Typical representative: Ziyi Zhang/Lara Stone


Face highly angular and somewhat bony
Widest at cheekbone
Narrow forehead and narrow chin
Not as common compare to others

So what kind of wigs work well on you? Following will answer your question.

Oval Face

If you are oval face, congratulations! Your forehead, cheekbones, jaw line and chin are so proportional. Your face looks good with any hairstyle, length.

Straight wigs can show your pure and soft temperament


If you want to look more enchanting, curly wigs will work well on you.


Long Face

If you are long face, the point is to shorten length and add width of your face. To shorten face in visual, you can choose wigs with half bang. To add width and fullness, you can choose wigs with wave at the side.


Round Face

The point for round face to choose a wig is to add height of your hair and avoid width.

Remember three points.

  • Avoid bangs, bangs will shorten your face in visual
  • Add height when possible
  • Geometric or linear style work better




Square Face

You have a wide hairline and a wide jaw. Generally, square face will make girls look a little serious. To cover the wide hairline, you can comb you hair off your forehead. You can use curly hair around your jaw to create soft line. Adding height when possible.


Heart Face

You have a narrow chin and a wide forehead. You can bring some hair onto the forehead to disguise its width. To wide your chin, you can choose wigs that add fullness around your ear and jaw.


Diamond Face

You have a narrow forehead and a narrow chin. The widest part of your face is your cheekbones. Wigs with bang can disguise your wide cheekbone. Bob style works well on diamond faces.



Get the new skill to find your perfect wigs by your face shape?

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