How to Curl Your Wigs?

Start curling your wig. You’ll want your curling iron as hot as your hair can handle without damaging it (i.e. thinner hair, lower heat). You’ll need to curl as quickly as possible, just a few seconds for each strand, so hotter is better for getting through that larger section. I just wrapped all the wig flat against the barrel, so the ends of the hair weren’t twisted as it went down.

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Grab sections randomly and bigger is better; I worked between one-and-a-half to two-inch sections. If you start curling sections that are too small, you can end up in Shirley Temple territory. When you are curling your wig, keep a good inch or so off the iron on the end. This keeps you from burning the bejesus out of your fingers, adding too much heat to already damaged ends, and from ending up with overly perfect curls. The top sections of my hair are a lot longer, so I kept more off the ends here than I did for the bottom layers.

Keep on going until you’ve got a head full of curls. Let your hair cool down while you sip a glass of champagne (which I assume is what fancy girls do while they get ready) until your hair has absolutely no heat left in it. Then just comb your fingers through all the curls to release them from their sectioned bonds.

After finger combing your wig, part it where you like, and brush your wig out with a fine bristle brush. The first time I did this, I was positive I was going to end up with a poofy disaster, but as long as you use the correct brush—mine is just a bristle brush from L-email wigs—and pull your hair down the whole time (never pull that brush up) you will just smooth out your wig and take away the piecey-ness.

At this point, the style is pretty much done, but many wigs like to stick to my scalp in not the most elegant kind of way, so Bumble and bumble Pret A Powder comes to the rescue. It’s like a non-aerosolized dry shampoo that adds volume and doesn’t leave a white cast in my wig. And your wig is complete! I pass on hairspray because the more the curls fall out, the more nonchalant it will look. And if your wig starts to get flat, you can just give the roots a powder free shake to liven things back up.

But if you can’t survive without your wind worn locks, have no fear! Just spray in your favorite salt spray—mine is Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe—scrunch it in and you are all set to chillax. I usually chuck in the salt spray on day old hair because it keeps my unkempt oily roots from ruining the look of my rich girl wig.


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