L-email cosplay costume review:In Spectre-Iwanaga Kotoko

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Hello everyone, I am back with a new cosplay reviews to start we will be reviewing the cosplay of Iwanaga Kotoko from the anime In spectre.This cosplay is selling in  L-email Wig , you could know more message about  Kotoko costume in our store.
The costume is based on role Iwanaga Kotoko from In Spectre.The cosplay come’s with: Dress, Beret with a bow, neck dress, belt, knee socks and a belt for the leg.
Will start talking about the dress that has very pretty details, the bust part is pleated so it can look like the original character design so that make it look good just like the skirt that has two pleated sides on the front and the back, on the upper and bottom sides we habe details of color blue just like the knuckles, the shoulders have a bloom shape to create that volume, the fabric is made of gabardine polyester and for last we can find the zipper on side.
We can feel the softness of the dress from the details.It looks so beautiful.
The neck dress is made of the same fabric as the blue details on the dress, it can be adjusted with the button that can be found on the front side, the texture is very thick so it can help from not move and keeping its shape without getting folded.
The belt is made from the same fabric as the dress and can be adjusted with velcro.
The beret is made from a different fabric as the rest of the dress, like synthetic wool, we can also compare it with a similar fabric like wool but soft. The bow on the beret come’s separately you can adjust it with the clasp.
The knee socks are made of Lycra and their length is above the knee.
The belt leg is made of vinyl that can be adjusted with a buckle, it has a stocking with the color skin that helps simulate the prostheses like the character.
The bow that goes on the head is made of the same fabric and it gets adjusted with a pin.
The dressmaking is always well done.
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The review is now over, I hope you liked it and it help you on your future purchase, and thanks you very much for taking your time and supporting us that means a lot to us, until the next review see ya soon bye bye!

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