latest methods for refusing to water shortage of your Scalp



kasane teto / sound horizon cosplay wig

kasane teto / sound horizon cosplay wigAs winter draws near, drying of the scalp, dandruff and other troubled flock. Wanted to fall prevention in advance is too dry hair, use several methods to effective prevention.

Our moisture hair contains about 10%, due to climate reasons, water loss will dry out the hair, such as static electricity, hair fall, originating the fork, and so on. If conservation is not very in time may lead to hair loss. Like the hair and the skin, if water is not sufficient, will not be full and smooth, “moisturizing” is the hair tips. Therefore, in addition to the daily intake of vegetables, fruit, drink, it also has a moisturizing effect to select Salon supplies. So full of water in the cortex layer of the hair, Tsuneho moisturizing gloss.

With the arrival of cold wihter, temperatures are starting to slowly reduce. Many people believe that the cooler weather, sweat secretion is reduced, not even sweat secretion, you don’t have to shampoo every day. Such ideas are wrong! in fact, autumn wind, dust from the outside with their own distributed of the metabolic products of the hair making the taste is unpleasant, the dust is not cleaned for a long time will damage the hair. So in order to maintain a healthy fresh fall needs to keep hair Clean Shampoo! 2~3 times a week, super moisturizing shampoo is your must-have products. When the wash water temperature should not exceed 40 °c, and body temperature of 37 °c close.

Moderate daily combing hair

It really good for hair do, enabling them to stereotypes and comb out dust and particles on the surface of dandruff, but too much hair is unnecessary, rather easy to make hair loss. As soon as conditions permit, it is best to comb the hair with your hands before winding the hair pull. Do not directly by root comb when combing the hair should be about two centimeters from the hair comb. After all tangle comb through, and then comb hair.

Avoid excessive sunlight and hot dye

Many people think that yellow hair is a natural, immutable. In fact, as long as proper nutrition intake, avoiding excessive Sun and perming, hair, hair color can still be improved. Sun UV damage is present in the melanin in the hair, and bleached hair, becoming yellow, Matt, strong alkaline perm agents also can damage hair tissue tendons, resulting in hair color. Therefore, to prevent yellowing of the hair is the key to avoiding too much sun and a perm.

Reduce static electricity

Drying of air and we clothes in the of synthetic in cold of season is easy makes hair with electrostatic, anti-electrostatic comb often also regardless of with. you can appropriate reduced wash made frequency, and in clean hair Shi, can using small wash made shampoo or water will shampoo diluted Hou using. wash finished Hou not let shampoo residues in hair Shang. also, wash made Hou to hair Shang wiped a points nurse made cream, benefit reduced electrostatic.