LOL Battle Academia prestige edition Lux cosplay & Wig Reviews

Lux cosplay
Hi everyone!
Today I’ll be reviewing costume from Lemail wig ❤

They sell high-quality cosplay at amazing prices and they are my favorite cosplay store ❤ If you see anything you like you can use my discount code to save some money: LionOfFire

Lux cosplayLux cosplay

 It took about 10/15 days to arrived to my house. It is really fast!! Customer service is very professional and I love

The price is really cheap for the quality of the costume, I love the golden part it is beautiful and bright! The material is really amazing and looks like the original one! (Or better). I’m really impressed with the quality of this cosplay, this is really well made for a cheap costume like this one and it is totally worth! The cosplay fit me perfectly and is so comfortable! They always respect the sizes, I’m a S size and this cosplay fit me perfectly!

The color of every part of this costume matches perfectly the color pattern of the “Lux Prestige edition”

Lux cosplay Lux cosplay

The wig is super soft and nice quality, it is also very comfortable to wear! For my body the length of the skirt is perfect (I’m 158cm)

Lux cosplay

I’m so happy with the quality of this cosplay, it is seriously so well made and so comfortable, thank you again l’e-mail wig!!

Lux cosplay

I hope you find this review may help you!

Thank you very much and let’s see with the next review!