Heat Resistant Long Curly Hair Light Blue Pink Red Blonde Lace Front Fashion Wig Review

Fashion Wig

Hi guys, I have a new review for you: a front lace wig from L-email wigs. I have a lot of luck because I won it on a Giveaway.

Fashion Wig

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Prize: 38,50$

Shipping time: about two weeks

Fashion Wig Fashion Wig

Well, I love this wig. A lot, because it has a lot of hair. And this is really important.

Fashion Wig

And it also has clips in order to put it.

Fashion Wig Fashion Wig Fashion Wig Fashion Wig


Cap: 5/5

Finished: 5/5

Material: 5/5

Confort: 5/5

Hair quality: 5/5

Amount of hair: 5/5

I really love this wig. The quality is amazing, it has a lot of hair, a really beautiful color. I hope to use it for cosplay soon.

Fashion Wig Fashion Wig Fashion Wig

And finally, here you have the video review:Lemail wigs




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