Lolita Dress Review For L-email

Lolita Dress Review For L-email

Wig Supplier /L-Email : 4 Color Lolita Dress (Pink) Review

How are you doing everyone! Today, I’m gonna show you this absolutely gorgeous lolita dress from local wig stores . For those who don’t know, wig-supplier is a site that sells cosplay and lace front wigs, cosplay costumes, lolita dresses and many other costumes.  This is the pink one of this particular dress. Also, like their Facebook Page to be aware of promotions and giveaways.

Here are it’s details:
Lolita Dress Review For L-email
Price: $41.31 (code “berrylonely” for 10% off)
Material: Cotton
Colors: Light Blue, Pink, Red, Dark Blue
Sizes: S-XXXL
Cap Size: Average
Net Weight:  0.50kg

Shipping weight: 0.55kg

Lolita Dress Review For L-email

On your checkout, you can use the helpful code “berryloney” to save you money!

Lolita Dress Review For L-email

Like always, Wig-Supplier replies to messages (even on Facebook) a few minutes to hours depending on their availability. They will happily answer all your questions and inform you when they shipped your item out and then give you the site and tracking number.
Lolita Dress Review For L-email
 This time, Wig-Supplier used Aramex to deliver their goods and oh boi… IT ONLY TOOK 5 DAYS TO ARRIVE!! That’s the fastest I ever received anything considering my place in the provincial part of my country!! The dress still came in their cute bag that has their logo and motto.
Lolita Dress Review For L-emailLolita Dress Review For L-email
I chose the pink dress because I seriously love pastel pink and it looks the cutest. The dress came in a plastic and Wig-Supplier gave a free badge with the logo of their other store(?), Rolecosplay.
Lolita Dress Review For L-emailLolita Dress Review For L-email
I was so amazed when I took the dress out! It was so beautiful and elegant. The dress was exactly like the stock photo and even better in real life.
Lolita Dress Review For L-emailLolita Dress Review For L-email
There were 3 ribbons total, 2 in the front and 1 at the back. All the ribbons are actually removable because they are attached to a fancy looking clip that is strong enough to hold it for long. The back of the dress is garterized and have back laces to tighten it
Lolita Dress Review For L-emailLolita Dress Review For L-email
The skirt part 2 layers of ruffles and then a lace on its end. It is also adorned with many small dark pink ribbons. The ribbons have a tiny floral-like laces surrounding its ends. These designs are what made the dress prettier.
Design: 5/5 ★★★★★
 Hands down, this is one of the cutest lolita dresses they sell. The design is sooo cute! I love how it’s filled with so many frills , ruffles and laces and how there are 4 colors for it.
Quality: 5 /5 ★★★★★
I was actually surprised when the quality was just AMAZING!! Every pattern of lace, frills and ruffles were well sewn. It is obviously durable and will last for a very long time.
Comfort: 5 /5 ★★★★★
The dress feels really nice and comfortable. I could wear this for long hours and not feel awkward at all.
Price: 5 /5 ★★★★★

The dress is worth every dollar. It’s one of those things that are way cheaper than others ut also way better. Shipping was also very quick! I wasn’t even ready when it arrived xD.

Overall: 5/5 ★★★★★
I’ve always secretly wanted a lolita dress and this is incredible for a first time! At first I was hesitant to even try one because I’m a very plain person and it might not suit me. The only times I’ve also worn a dress were also few and the most I’ve done is wear cosplay costumes. But in the end, I had so much fun wearing it. Please try it out for yourselves if you want, you wont regret it!
Use my code “berrylonely” for 10% off
Make sure to check their other social media accounts
Twitter: Rolecosplay
 Google+: +Rolecosplay
Lolita Dress Review For L-email