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  • Enjoy the Top 4 Lolita Dresses

    Enjoy the Top 4 Lolita Dresses



    To explain the difference between costume and Lolita dress fashion, more girls tend to say to wear Lolita is to be yourself, but to wear a costume is to be something else. Lolita fashion is often confused with cosplay, but since Lolita fashion started we can feel it is established. Although the look has become…

  • Pretty Lolita Dresses

    Pretty Lolita Dresses

    There are three most common types of Lolita style, which are classic, sweet, and gothic. Most Lolitas overlap styles in their dress, not sticking to just one look. Most girls prefer to dress in a combination of classic & gothic. And many other kawaii girls love anything pink, so Sweet Lolita is really popular and…

  • Beautiful Lolita Cosplays

    Beautiful Lolita Cosplays

    Lolita can be a very over the top style. A lot of girls are interested in the style but are scared they might be ridiculed or just want to look more casual in general. Here are summaries about the main styles of Lolita. You can have a better idea of what style you want and…