Pretty Lolita Dresses

There are three most common types of Lolita style, which are classic, sweet, and gothic. Most Lolitas overlap styles in their dress, not sticking to just one look. Most girls prefer to dress in a combination of classic & gothic. And many other kawaii girls love anything pink, so Sweet Lolita is really popular and will combine other Lolita elements into all their looks.


Just like any fashion events, the panel started with the ever-important question: what are you wearing? Aoki wore a dress from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright with a ballroom theme and her favorite, princess sleeves. Although she didn’t mention it, she wore an amazing floral and ruffle bonnet, as the headpiece is a key accessory in Lolita fashion. Gleason went for the “mint & white” look wearing a white Baby, The Stars Shine Bright dress layered with mint blouse & accessories. Dee wore an Innocent World piano dress that had a hemline border detail that was pleated piano keys!


Pretty Lolita Dresses
Explaining the difference between costume & Lolita fashion, to wear Lolita is to be yourself while to wear a costume is to be something else. In Japan, Lolita fashion is often confused with cosplay, but since Lolita fashion started in Japan it is established. Although the look has become more mainstream in Japan, there is a way to go as a subculture.

The Internet plays a huge role in the Lolita community, bringing Lolitas together through photos and message boards. While it is crucial for Lolita communities spread out in the US, the Japanese scene is evenly split between online correspondence and actually getting together to shop or have a tea party. Despite the negativity some US online Lolita communities have received for being elitist or judgmental, many people believe it is false representation. And people encourage everyone to talk to a real-life Lolita if they are interested in learning more about the style.

lolita ddd

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