Talking about water after washing rice for your hair

Talking about water after washing rice for your hair

Talking about water after washing rice for your hair

A human hair is by the epidermal cells in the corners of the special organization, is composed of two parts by the shaft of hair and hair follicle. Trunk is full of corners of the shape of the hair, there is no absorption channel. Hair follicles are deep into the dermal tissue structure, above the hair follicle and sebaceous glands, secrete sebum, moisturising the scalp and hair, absorbed their nutrition primarily from within the hair follicle secrete a mixture of after. Therefore, assertion hair rinse process to absorb trace amounts of b vitamins in the water and nutrition claims of hair is loose.

So, why do people after washing hair with rice water, has a smooth feel? Dark vision of it?

In fact, mystery lies meters on the surface off the starch dextrin. Such a Cyclodextrin ring, inside and outside the ring more hydrophilic hydroxyl groups, dispersed in water, or adhesion on the surface of the hair shaft. After water evaporation, forming a thin layer of film, touching it, there is a sense of smooth. Meanwhile, the hydroxyl groups on the ring can hold water molecules, water molecules inside solid rings, in particular, creates a sense of moist, bright, soft feel. Refraction of visible light, darken the visual illusion.

If using rice water rinse hair many times, are potentially harmful to human health. Mainly secondary pollution of water due to dirt in hair, reduced purpose of clean hair. Excessive sedimentation starchy substances on the scalp will induced increased bacterial nutrient sources, induced or aggravated the head skin diseases.

In fact, improve the nutritional balance of food also allows you to have dark hair. Such as sesame seeds contain a lot of vitamin e, eating more can make the hair of black bright, so we can eat some food with sesame seeds class, for example, such as sesame or sesame seed cake, rather than have to use white rice washed.


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