The Most Popular Top 10 Character Cosplay in spring 2024

There have been many changes in 2024, and there are many new animations and games. Next, let me introduce the ten most popular characters of spring 2024. Let’s take a look. Are there any ones you like?

1. Alastor

Alastor is a character in the anime Hazbin Hotel. He is a demon lord known to everyone in Hell. The new sequel of Hazbin Hotel was released in January 2024 and has now been viewed more than 100 million times.


This new skin of Aphelios is from Heartsteel, a new boy band from the game League of Legends, in which Aphelios is responsible for lyrics, music and instruments.

3. Hatsune Miku

This spring we saw many new Miku skins. Which one is your favorite?


The anime Beyond Journey’s End Frieren was well received by everyone as soon as it was released. Frieren is an elf magic user with a pair of very cute elf ears.


The game Honkai Star Rail will celebrate its first anniversary in April. As a character specially prepared for the anniversary event, Acheron is very popular in terms of intensity and character creation.


Did you watch this year’s Oscars? Ken’s performance was truly unforgettable! Ken is a character from the movie Barbie, who is Barbie’s boyfriend.


Furina and Focalors come from the game Genshin Impact. Who doesn’t like a character who looks like a little blue cute cake?

8. Alice

Alice is a classic character in the game Nikke Goddess of Victory, and the cosplays of Alice are always very popular.


In the League of Legends boy band Heartsteel, Alune, the sister of band member Aphelios, serves as the band manager.


Ezreal is the lead singer in Heartsteel, and he also gave a very exciting performance in the song MV.


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