Cosplay is Just the Way to Make You Happier

Much like movies and gossip magazines, the world of cosplay has its own group of critics. I have been the recipient of many comments on what I “did wrong” with my costume. I have also seen similar comments on other cosplayers pages. The funny thing is, I don’t post pictures with the head line “What do you think? Open to critique. What did I do wrong?” and majority of the time, neither do other cosplayers. I post photos on my public account simply to share. I ask for advice where it matters; from my personal cosplay friends on my private account. What boggles my mind is that the biggest critics of cosplay are coming from the non-cosplayer.

Cosplay is Just a Way to Make You Happier
I like to do my research. Whenever someone criticizes my photos or costumes, I take the liberty to click on that persons profile. I usually find a false name with a cartoon avatar. On other occasions I have scrolled through the persons profile to discover that they are not a cosplayer, not a professional model, not a professional photographer, not a makeup artist and they are not into physical fitness. They are generally a fan of comic books and like to follow cosplayers. Guess what? This does not make you an expert on costuming.

Cosplay is Just a Way to Make You Happier
Just because you read comics does not mean you know anything about how to care or style wigs. It does not make you an authority on sewing. It does not make you a trained psychical fitness expert. You are not the chief executive on womens fashion. You know nothing about applying makeup, false eye lashes or body paint. You don’t know anything about fabric. It’s really best you keep your thoughts to yourself unless you are willing to provide your stunning costume portfolio.

Cosplay is Just a Way to Make You Happier
Note to the critical non-cosplayer, cosplayers don’t do anything “wrong”. They create an outfit and emulate a character how THEY want to. It’s not about you and your personal standards. It’s about the individual cosplayer, their vision and how they used their creativity to bring a character to life.

Cosplay is Just a Way to Make You Happier

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